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    Custom made wooden tables

    Sav & Økse - Customized tables


    Exclusive and unique 

    We deliver customized solutions based on the models in our permanent collection. The Sav & Økse tables are available in many dimensions, shapes and finishes. We can customize our solid wood tables to your specific wishes. An extra-large table or a narrow table, almost everything is possible with the Sav & Økse tables.


    Customization options

    Colour stained beech (RAL) or Fenix ​​top layer. Choose a table that ideally matches the rest of your interior by having a table made in a colour that matches the rest of your furniture. Ask about the colour options. You can also view the different options below.


    Costs for customization options

    We can offer customized options at an additional cost on top of the suggested retail price of the nearest larger standard size. This surcharge differs per adjustment and is on request.


    Advice for custom tables

    The Sav & Okse is characterized by craftsmanship. We are happy to make the table that matches your wishes. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. This can be done by emailing to [email protected] or call 075-7113930.


    Customization for business projects

    Sav & Økse also supplies business projects. Large numbers and specific wishes are no problem. We think along with you. Mail or call us for more information.


    Customization possibilities 

    dimensions: extra-large, broad or small tables

    The Sav & Økse tables are available in many different sizes. Customization options are available based on our standard models. The tables can be supplied in different sizes upon request. If you have specific requirements, such as a small table or an extra-wide table, you can provide us with the desired dimensions. We then discuss what is possible and make a no-obligation price proposal.


    Colour-stained beech (RAL)

    Choose a table that matches perfectly with the rest of your interior by having a table made in a colour that matches the rest of your furniture. There are various colour options at Sotafels.


    Fenix ​​finish tabletop

    At Sav & Økse it is possible to give your tabletop a Fenix ​​top layer. This gives your table an extremely matt appearance. You can choose between the 5 Fenix ​​colours listed below. Read more about the benefits of Fenix here.


    Loose tabletops and countertops

    It is possible to only order a tabletop or work surface. You can combine this with your own chassis.


    Unprocessed tables (no oil or varnish)

    Many of our tables are finished with oil or lacquer, if you prefer to have an unprocessed table, Sotafels can also supply this


    More or less brushes 

    Brushes can give a wooden table a lively pattern. 'Brushes' are the round spots on a piece of wood where a branch of the tree grew. Such a spot often has a different direction of rotation and this can produce a nice effect. But it is also possible to order a table with fewer brushes, making the wood stronger and easier to work with.




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